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NYC Global Center
NYC Global Center
NYC Global Center
NYC Global Center

We believe that the success of the educational goal by a student can be best achieved if the three parties (the teachers, the student’s classmates, and the student) all approach educational objectives earnestly. The teachers must be dedicated, the classmates must be encouraging and motivating, and the student must endeavor to do his/her best.


We have dedicated teachers and committed students who are serious about learning. If you wish to apply to NYC Global Center, you have to be committed as well. Oftentimes, many schools have students with different objectives in the same class. We will not promise you that we can satisfy and cater to all students the best way unless the three parties all have the same goal in mind.

Our curriculum is demanding and is designed for students who share our philosophy: focused on improving language proficiency and serious in achieving their educational objectives. 

Who should Apply?

How to Enroll

In Person

Please visit our admissions office located at:

254 West 29th St. 2nd FL

Walk-ins welcome.

Call 516-782-2088


Click here to download our application & enrollment agreement.

By Email

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

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