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Students who are late to class miss important information. Each of the IEP classes is two hours long. Your teacher will count you absent for one hour if you arrive 15 minutes or more after the class begins. Your teacher will also count you absent for one hour if you leave class before the class ends. If you do arrive late, please do not interrupt the class or ask the instructor for permission to enter the room. Simply enter the class and sit down quietly. Please note that many absences can lead to placement on academic probation.

In order to make progress and get good grades, it is very important to attend class regularly. Failure to meet the guidelines of the IEP attendance policy requirements may lead to attendance probation or dismissal from classes.

Regular attendance means that you are maintaining 80% attendance in all your classes. If you fall below the necessary 80% attendance, you will be put on probation. Once on probation, you must maintain 80% attendance. If you maintain 80% attendance in all classes for the next session, you are removed from probation; otherwise, you are no longer enrolled in the IEP at NYC Global Center. If you return to probation in later sessions due to poor attendance, you must maintain 80% attendance in all classes for the remainder of your study at NYC Global Center or be dismissed from the program.

Students are expected to be in class unless they are ill or have an emergency situation. A student is absent when s/he is not in class for any reason. Extreme situations (e.g. returning home for a medical leave of absence) should be discussed with the IEP administration.

Attendance Policy

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