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Reach a level of proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking the English language that allows for effective communication with others


Provide student-centered curriculum and instruction

Experienced Faculty

Support effective teaching and learning through a dedicated and experienced faculty and staff, quality facilities, and up-to-date material and equipment

High Retention

Strive to achieve a high rate of student retention


Promote student well-being

American Culture

Provide activities that support student comprehension of American culture

We believe that this Mission can be most effectively achieved through having students that meet the following objectives:

Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

NYC Global Center serves a diverse, foreign-born population for whom English is a second language. This institution strives to realize two primary goals:

  • Improve students’ ability to comprehend the English language; and

  • Provide students with both the vocabulary and grammatical structures necessary to become fluent in English.

Our Mission

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